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First Financial Northwest Inc. established the First Financial Northwest Foundation, (FFNWF) in 2007. The FFNWF received a charitable contribution in conjunction with the Plan of Conversion, from a mutual to a stock form of organization. This action was taken concurrently with their initial public offering.

The FFNWF Board of Trustees elected to partner with the Renton Regional Community Foundation (RRCF) to facilitate just one portion of their multifaceted granting process. The FFNWF donor advised funds administrated by RRCF are generally awarded to those requests coming from the Greater Renton Community (defined as the geographic area served by the First Savings Bank Northwest at the time the FFNWF was established).

The 2023 application process closed in mid-October. The 2024 application process will open sometime in mid-June.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Manage Your Application
Generally, grants awarded are for projects or organizations in the following broad categories (not in any order of importance):
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Community development
  • Other charitable purposes

Due to the limitations placed on the FFNWF, there are some areas we do not or cannot fund, such as: conferences or community forums, endowments, religious organizations (except possibly for non-sectarian activities), annual fundraising events or campaigns, capital projects, individual scholarships, political or lobbying efforts, or debt retirement.

Additional information about our Annual Grant Process through the RRCF may be accessed by searching the FFNWF website.