Building Our Capacity for Doing Good

RRCF does a great job of listening to the needs of the community and shaping programs and opportunities around the needs. That has especially been true during the time of Covid as we learn together.”

Community-based leader in South King County

Uplifting the Community

The Puget Sound area is fortunate to have a host of dedicated nonprofit organizations that are passionate about doing good in the community. The Renton Regional Community Foundation’s goal is to help these organizations operate at peak performance.

To support our nonprofits, the Renton Regional Community Foundation:

In partnership with our fund advisors, donors, and community representatives on our grant committee, we put money into the community where it makes a difference. In 2020, the Foundation distributed more than $1.2 million to issues related to housing, health, poverty, COVID-19, education, the arts, and more. We understand the community because we are the community. RRCF board members, fund advisors, and CARE Together committee members have deep community roots.

Applying for a Grant

Currently, most of RRCF’s grants come from donor-advised or agency-advised funds and do not employ a grant application process. The two exceptions are our CARE Together Fund and the First Financial Northwest Foundation Fund, which holds an annual grant cycle in early summer.

Establish a fund

Many of our local nonprofits have found it advantageous to establish a fund with the Renton Regional Community Foundation. Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with us.

Investment pooling

If you currently manage a small reserve fund, placing it with the Renton Regional Community Foundation may allow you to take advantage of our larger investment pool.

A broader platform

Our broader platform is a great way to appeal to donors; the Foundation works hard to promote our funds, which gives your organization more visibility – not only to Foundation board members, but also to the greater philanthropic community. 

An online giving portal

RRCF will provide you with a link to an online giving portal, which allows you to accept donations to your fund via credit card. This easy way to donate is a great way to get people excited about your cause.

Additional resources

As a nonprofit partner, you’ll receive all of the benefits that accompany the Renton Regional Community Foundation’s years of expertise. 

A wider network

Partnering with the Renton Regional Community Foundation means you become a part of something greater. Our wide network of local nonprofits, donors, and community leaders makes sharing information and resources a community priority.

Get started

Are you ready to establish a fund with the Renton Regional Community Foundation? Getting started is easy and can take less than an hour. Contact us today to make an appointment or to request a sample fund agreement.

We appreciate how the Renton Community Foundation put Centro Rendu on center stage before a new donor such as the Pozzobon Fund. It’s a great feeling to have the vital work we do in the Latino community recognized and supported by the Foundation in this way."

Mirya Muñoz-RoachExecutive Director of St. Vincent de Paul