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Changing lives through philanthropy

What Does it Mean to Be White and Anti-Racist in 2021?

A Virtual Dialogue with Dr. Robin DiAngelo to benefit Gathering Roots Wellness

Tuesday, June 8th from 12 pm – 1:30 pm

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At RRCF we recognize that a critical piece of building healthy communities is addressing racial inequities. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed what many of us have known for a long time: Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, accentuated by centuries of racial injustice. Specifically, South King County has the highest rate of Covid-19 rates and deaths in the county.

This is why we are partnering with Gathering Roots Wellness, a Black and Indigenous worker-led non-profit organization located in Auburn, to provide an opportunity for white people to ask questions and dialogue about systemic racism, white supremacy, and what we can do as white people, with national author and speaker, Dr. Robin DiAngelo.

Gathering Roots Wellness works toward healing intergenerational trauma through mindfulness and embodied practices, ancestral land learning, and artistic expression. The American Medical Association is just one of many institutions that has declared racism a public health threat. Gathering Roots Wellness is addressing that threat by providing a safe space to heal, fellowship, health programs, and a reprieve against the relentless pressures of white body supremacy. They were recently featured in this Seattle Times article.

Join us on June 8th from 12-1:30 pm to learn a bit about Gathering Roots Wellness and to ask Dr. DiAngelo questions you have been hesitant to ask about race, what it means to be white, and what you can do as a white person to foster an inclusive community.

All proceeds go to Gathering Roots. Donations of $100 and up will give you access to the live conversation. Those who are able to give at a level of $99 or below will have access to the replay for ten days after the event.

Thank you for a great Celebrate!

On February 25th we hosted our virtual Celebrate event, attended by more than 120 people. Guests were able to “visit” virtual tables before and after the event, which was a great hit!

You can watch the full 50-minute program here, or you can watch some of our shorter videos below.

We featured some of our non-profit partners, featured here in these two minute films:

Centro Rendu

UTOPIA Washington

Babies of Homelessness

We also witnessed an intergenerational connecting conversation between one of RRCF’s founders and former board members, Char Baker, and the Executive Director of Renton Innovation Zone Partnership, Ryan Quigtar. You can view their conversation here.

Thanks to the generosity of our guests and those who donated before the event, we raised more than $65,000 that is going toward our general programs and services and our CARE Together Fund.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Michael B. Maine who did all of our videography and orchestrated the technical aspects of our show. Also special thanks to Oneika Cassanova for being our emcee, Dr. Damien Pattenaude for doing our ask, and our many other volunteers.

Former Board Members Come Through!

At this year’s Celebrate event, we had the fortune of having former board members Rich Wagner and Vicki Faull do some special outreach on our behalf.

We pride ourselves on developing warm relationships with our board members, and it’s hard to see them go. Thanks to Rich and Vicki, 24 of them made gifts (primarily BEFORE the event) totaling $13,300!

Thank you to these former board members!

Char and Jim Baker * Rose Bartlett * Oneika Cassanova * Rebecca Cherney * Robert Cugini * Vicki Faull * Mike Flood * Dr. Dolores Gibbons * Jan Hawn * Doug Head * Marcie Maxwell *Becky Nickels * Valerie O’Halloran * Brian Quint/Aqua Quip *Jim and Joy Poff * Bob Reeder * Judi Schafer * Gene Sens * Jackson Taylor * Chuck Tiernan * Rich Wagner * Larry Warren * Marlene Winter

The CARE Together Fund

Last spring we didn’t waste any time in creating the Covid-19 Response Fund. In the last year, we’ve granted $343,000 to 59 organizations primarily in South King County.

We are now calling this fund the CARE Together Fund, with CARE being an acronym for Communities Aligned around Racial Equity. The fund’s purpose is the same – to address the pandemic needs as we recover and move into this next step – and we recognize the Black and Brown communities have been hit the hardest.

In adding “together” to the name, we recognize that we need each other. No one is self-sufficient. In the past year we have seen people rise and care for each other like never before.

We invite you to join us as we continue to respond to our community’s needs. Please go here to make your gift today.

Thank you!

Photos of some of our non-profit partners

A Conversation for DAF holders

Join us on June 9th from 10 – 11 am for a conversation with Jennifer Risher, author of “We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth,” where we will discuss wealth, donor-advised funds (DAF), and how to give in a more transparent and collaborative way.

As a donor and DAF holder herself, Jennifer will share how she’s learned to talk about money and charitable giving with other donors, and her work starting #HalfMyDAF, a campaign created to inspire more charitable giving.

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