We are a resource for you and your clients.

As a professional who works with individuals and families as they plan their future, you’re always looking for affordable and credible resources to help them achieve their goals. If your client(s) need help navigating the philanthropic landscape, we hope you’ll consider the Renton Regional Community Foundation as a resource.

Many types of clients could benefit from working with the Renton Regional Community Foundation, such as a client who is:
  • Interested in establishing their own private nonprofit foundation. We can provide a less costly, more efficient and effective alternative.
  • Interested in establishing a charitable fund with a commercial company. We have connections within the community that commercial companies don’t. 
  • Without family or estranged from family. Not everyone has family they wish to benefit through their estate. In those cases, we can help the donor channel their estate to causes they believe in.
  • New to giving and unaware of the wonderful organizations working within the field. We are anchored in the  community, making it possible to help donors focus their efforts in specific areas and connect with organizations doing critical work.
  • Mourning a friend, colleague, or family member and wishes to honor them in a significant way. We can establish permanent funds in honor or in memory of loved ones to ensure their legacy lives on.
  • Already an active donor in need of the efficiency that the community foundation model can provide. Donors can establish a ‘general benefit’ fund, meaning they can continue to make donations to a broad array of organizations within the community.
  • Interested in making a positive impact over time, but doesn’t want to make decisions on their own. Donors who establish a fund can be as specific or as general as they wish when designating the purpose of their funds and then leave it up to the Foundation to manage the grant program if they wish.

We administer several types of funds from which your client can choose.

Overall Services 

For all our donors and professional partners, we are pleased to provide:

  • Partnership: We will partner with you to provide your clients with tailored giving plans to meet their particular needs.
  • Community knowledge: We have extensive knowledge of where the greatest community needs lie and can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving.
  • Consulting: We will consult with you, your clients, and your colleagues on ways RRCF can help meet the financial and charitable goals of your clients.
  • Resources: As a partner with the Council on Foundations, RRCF has access to a great deal of resources to help you and your clients meet their charitable goals.

Please give us a call if you have questions, or if would like to set up a meeting. We’d be happy to meet with you and your client to discuss the people and program(s) your client wishes to serve. 

Contact us today to make an appointment.