Please be advised that I/we ___ have completed ___ intend to complete, the following gift(s) to the Renton Community Foundation (RCF). 


___ Including RCF (or a specific fund held by RCF) in my/our will.

___ Naming RCF as a beneficiary in my/our life insurance policy.

___ Arranging a trust or other residual interest gift for RCF.

___ Other (Please specify) ______________________________________


(Specific details about the gift, such as how you wish your gift to be distributed or to which fund the gift might be designated, should be identified in specific detail at the time you complete your will

or other planned gift documents.)


As a result of this gift, I/we wish to be included ___ not to be included ___ as members of the Renton Community Foundation Leadership Society (which seeks to recognize donor’s generosity and encourage others to follow suit by promoting the Society in the Foundation’s newsletter, website, events, and other publications.


My/our names(s) should appear as follows:



Name(s) exactly how you wish them to appear


________________________________________________  Phone _______________________

Mailing Address


______________________________________   ______________________________________



Please send me additional information about:

___ Providing for RCF in my will  

___ Making a future gift of life insurance proceeds

___ Future gifts that provide income

___ Other (please specify) ___________________________________________


___ I would like to discuss my/our personal gift options with someone.  Please have someone contact me.

Please return to:

The Renton Community Foundation

P.O. Box 820

Renton, WA  98057