The 2019 winners were:


Lifetime of Giving Award winners:

  • Mij & Chuck Charbonneau -
  • Doug & Sonja Kyes -
  • Nancy Monahan -


Public Spirit Award winners:

  • Risho Sapano -


Rising Star Award winner:

  • Chris Fanco -


Luminary Award winner:

  • Betty Nokes Capestany -


What a great night! On February 6th we celebrated our 20th anniversary and welcomed these inspiring community members into the League of Extraordinary Givers:



Lifetime of Giving Award - Given to those who have spent decades leading by example - volunteering on community boards, initiating new ideas, serving on committees, making financial donations, inspiring others to engage and participate, building partnerships, and finding resources to get the job done.


2018 Winner: Barb Nilson; Dr. Gary Knolwes; Noal and Carol Abrahamson

2017 Winner: Jim & Joanne Medzegian; Harry & Janet Blencoe; Linda Middlebrooks

2016 Winners: Jim & Char Baker; Don & Pearl Jacobson; Judy Schroeder

2015 Winners: Alex & Norma Cugini; King Parker; Marcie Maxwell; Pat Auten


Patron of the Year Award - Honors someone who has made a splash recently, perhaps by chairing a campaign, initiating a creative solution, or publicly championing a cause.


2018 Winner: Charlie Conner and Anne Simpson

2016 Winner: The Reverend Dr. Linda Smith

2015 Winner: Dale Walker


Rising Star Award - Meant to recognize the next-generation of community leaders.


2018 Winner: Dr. Quinton Morris

2017 Winner: Doug Baldwin

2016 Winner: Kevin Poole

2015 Winner: Meegan Prince


Public Spirit Award - Given to recognize organizations and individuals who have successfully brought multiple resources together to meet a variety of needs.


2018 Winners: Pam Teal;  Trina Westerlund

2017 Winners: Elizabeth Stewart; Geri Carlson

2016 Winners: Chris Spahn & Shannon Avery

2015 Winners: Karen Bergsvik; Renton Rotary RotaCare: (Valley Medical Center, Renton Rotary, Renton Salvation Army, Bob McBeth, Jim Sullivan and Dr. Bob Thompson)


Luminary Award - Honors an individual who by their very nature, serves as a light of inspiration for others as they strive to make a positive impact in the community.


2018 Winner: Dr. Dolores Gibbons

2017 Winner: Terry Higashiyama

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