We share a common goal ─ to honor and support your client’s goals and objectives.


Unlike other charities which may be raising money from your client(s) for specific purposes, the Renton Community Foundation is here instead to serve as a resource. As someone who probably fills the role of client advisor on charitable questions, you know first-hand the complexities this can sometimes involve. Well, we’re here to help.


The Renton Community Foundation is a growing philanthropic source of information, providing expertise and philanthropic tools for Renton and the entire Puget Sound area.  Starting with just two funds and $257,000 in 1999, today RCF manages over $6.5 million representing funds that benefit a broad array of community needs.  Our goal is to continue to expand our donor base so that more and more charitable dollars are directed to areas of need, helping the homeless, the disabled, children and families at risk, the arts, seniors and more. 


As such, we are here to help both you and your clients meet their charitable goals.  In that way, we help the community. It’s a win - win situation.


The Renton Community Foundation can accept most kinds of estate gifts. Through our staff, volunteers, and strong partnerships, we can:


  • Meet with members of your firm to acquaint them with what we offer;
  • Research specific charitable causes in which your client is interested;
  • Provide information on local organizations already working on behalf of specific needs;
  • Customize a plan to meet your client’s needs;
  • Meet with extended family members to educate and involve them in the process;
  • Provide expertise to complete complicated planned gifts;
  • Offer advice on promotion and recognition opportunities;
  • Give you confidence that your client’s gift will be thoughtfully and carefully managed.




Renton Community Foundation has had a strong investment management relationship with Harris Private Bank for 10+ years, providing the stability and discipline necessary to navigate turbulent markets and consistently deliver superior long term investment returns. Over the past 10 years through September 30, 2011, Renton Community Foundation’s investments have grown an average of 5.46% per year. This is approximately 2.65% better on average each year than the S&P 500 for the same time period. (See Investment Policy and Investment Performance).


Administrative Fees


Because of our partnership with Harris Private Bank, administrative fees on our investments are kept to a minimum. Currently, funds are charged less than .8% on the asset balance annually. In addition, RCF charges a small administrative fee (See Administrative Fee) depending on the size and type of fund. Currently, these fees range between 1% - 3%. (See Administrative Fees)




Our Executive Director has over thirty years of professional experience leading charitable foundations, working with donors to help them clarify their goals and objectives, and managing grants back to the community.  RCF also partners with PG Calc (formally Planned Giving Services) in Seattle to provide a full-range of estate planning services, up to and including working directly with donors to complete complicated planned gifts.  Lastly, RCF has the combined strength of two powerful committees (Investment/Finance and Planned Giving) to oversee our efforts.  All of this allows RCF to work with potential donors who may have property or other assets to donate, or who may require help in navigating the complex nature of charitable remainder trusts or other estate planning vehicles.




Consider giving us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you and/or your client to discuss how we might help. In the meantime, take advantage of some of the information listed below that might be useful when you’re talking with your client(s).