The Renton Community Foundation works very hard to be good stewards of all donated funds. We not only conduct site visits with new organizations scheduled to receive grants, our Investment/Finance Committee pays close attention to our investments. Currently, RCF invests the bulk of its funds with the US Bank Charitable Servicies Division.


Cost versus Benefit:

  Recently, RCF requested a fiduciary comparison by a third party non-profit consultant. The RCF board is proud to share these results with interested stakeholders.

  Relative to other community foundation investment advisors, RCF performs exceptionally, with impressive revenues on managed assets and a highly responsible expense pattern.

  RCF presently manages a growing portfolio, with over fifty purposed funds, amounting to more than $8.5 million (2/15).

  Analyzed alongside four other community foundaitons, RCF is tied for first in metrics for grants and cash distributions versus all other expenses related to administration, overhead, insurance and fees.

  Using revenue derived from earned interest and donor instructed cash flows (over and above principal balances), a full 82% of all expenses represent direct cash grants and distributions, delivered for the purposes specifid by the donor.

  This means that as a charitable fund and endowment manager, RCF is lean and efficient. Indeed, RCF is a good place to pool your legacy resources. Here, they can be coupled with other burgeoning donor fund balances, while you appreciate the investment growth potential carefully and conservatively managed by the RCF Board and US Bank Charitable Services Group.

  If you have questions or would like to establish a charitable fund for which the earned proceeds will do great things in our community, please give us a call at (425) 282-5199.




Renton Community Foundation has had a strong investment management relationship with US Bank, providing the stability and discipline necessary to navigate turbulent markets and consistently deliver superior long term investment returns. If you would like a copy of our investment policy, please email our Executive Director at