The cornerstone concept is based on the importance of the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. Since all other stones will be set in reference to this one, it determines the position of the entire structure.  The Renton Community Foundation has chosen Cornerstone as the name for its annual giving club because it will provide funds to support foundation operations and community impact grants - the cornerstone of RCF.


Supporting the Good Work We Do

Although RCF manages approximately $10 million in assets, the majority of that money is ear-marked for other causes.  Our operating money comes from administrative fees assessed on the funds we manage. However, fees do not cover all operating costs, forcing the Foundation to rely on corporate sponsors and individual donors who believe in the community foundation concept and the positive impact we make on the future of our community.


In 2010, RCF created Cornerstone, an annual giving club designed to recognize donors who make annual gifts of $100 or more towards operations and furthering the goals of the Foundation. Our Cornerstone members are listed here and in Foundation publications, such as the program for our annual CELEBRATE! The Love of Community Event.

join us

The Board of Directors of the Renton Community Foundation cordially invite you to join a select group of highly committed individuals whose generosity supports the growing need for charitable giving in our community.  Member’s annual contributions of $100 or more help support foundation operations with a goal towards eventually building our Community Benefit Fund capable of making impact grants to priority areas of need.


The Renton Community Foundation began its work in 1999 with just two funds and $257,000.  Today, the Foundation manages over 50 funds and $10 million to benefit a broad array of community needs.  In its short life span, the Foundation has granted more than $5 million back to the community, helping to feed the homeless, clothe the poor, provide recreational scholarships for low-income families and educational scholarships for special needs students.   RCF supports the arts and children at risk, people with disabilities and women fleeing domestic abuse.  RCF provides funding to strengthen the area’s large immigrant population and support emerging groups doing creative work in the non-profit arena. Plus much, much more.


The Renton Community Foundation has become an important community resource, ready and willing to forge new ways to meet the ever-growing need in our community.  As a concerned citizen and community leader, we hope you recognize the added value the Renton Community Foundation brings to our community and the potential it has for making a significant impact on the future for our friends and neighbors.


Giving Levels

  • Visionaries  $1,000 and above
  • Architects  $500 - $999
  • Builders  $100 - $499

Membership Benefits

Benefits of belonging to Cornerstone are many.


  • Access to updates on charitable giving or community needs assessments
  • Foundation E-Connections bi-monthly newsletter
  • Invitation to special educational events
  • Annual Partners newsletter and annual report
  • Recognition listing on RCF website & newsletter
  • Special recognition at annual CELEBRATE! The Love of Community event
  • The knowledge that you are a very real part of the Renton Community Foundation team.  Through your participation, you are helping to increase support to priority areas of need in our community.

Cornerstone Impact

Becoming a Cornerstone member enables the Foundation to:


PROVIDE SOLUTIONS - supporting emerging groups working on behalf of the community, helping non-profit groups to overcome challenges and working to build new charitable funds.


REACH BEYOND OUR WALLS:  RCF is greater than a single organization, advocating for a stronger community, encouraging a shared sense of philanthropy and finding and engaging new donors for the benefit of all.


BE A TEACHER - willingly sharing expertise and offering educational opportunities to other non-profit agencies.


BE AN INNOVATOR AND CATALYST - bringing new ideas and new solutions to the table.


PROVIDE SKILLED SUPPORT - to those who have the power to do good, but perhaps not the personnel or the expertise.


ACT AS A PHILANTHROPIC RESOURCE – by serving as an information bank, cross promoting participating non-profit agencies, and providing expertise on complex gift vehicles.


SECURE THE FUTURE - encouraging endowments, helping to ensure available resources for the future to support important causes.


PROVIDE EFFICIENCIES - in both seeking donations and making grants by serving as an umbrella organization.


IMPACT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY - RCF does not champion one  cause over another, but rather works on behalf of everyone.


BE MORE THAN A CONCEPT - Since our inception, the Renton Community Foundation has grown to include a broad array of services to our fund-holders, donors and community-at-large and become a force for good in the region.




2016 -2017 MEMBERS



Jim & Char Baker

Banner Bank

Harry & Janet Blencoe

Charlie Conner & Anne Simpson

Columbia Bank

Robert & Mary Cugini

Mark Gropper

Dr. Michael & Anne Hardy

Denis & Patty Law

Barb Nilson

King Parker

Puget Sound Energy

Michael & Pam Teal

US Bank Charitable Services Group

UW/Valley Medical Center

Roger & Marlene Winter


ARCHITECTS ($500-$999)


Rose Bartlett

Jay & Sheree Covington

The Next Curve

Michael & Valerie O’Halloran

Bob Raphael & Jennifer Naimy

Brian & Nancy Quint

Robert Reeder & Marcie Maxwell

Judi & Ray Schafer

Jim Sullivan


BUILDERS ($100-$499)


Lynn Bohart

Craig & Julie Brauff

Kim & Theo Browne

Geri Carlson

Greg Ehlinger

Rosivale & Annette Grace

Gary & Vicki Faull

Jackson Taylor

Dr. Art Jarvis

Dave & Melody Kroeger

Joe & Sue Kurian

Wayne Manuel

Bob & Kathy McBeth

Jim & Joanne Medzegian

Linda Middlebrooks

Marilyn Milne

Dawn Pacheco

Armondo Pavone

Jim & Joy Poff

Sally Rochelle

Ted Rodriguez

Tim &Kimberly Searing

Chuck & Rondi Tiernan

Rich Wagner & Andee Jorgensen

Larry & Velma Warren




Service Linen

Jim Sullivan


Become a part of  the Cornerstone family

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Renton, WA 98057


(425) 282-5199




TaxID  23-7069988