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At the Renton Regional Community Foundation, we endeavor to work on behalf of the entire community.  While we don’t champion one cause over another, we recognize that certain needs take precedence due to timing, the economy, or a lack of resources, and therefore may require immediate attention. Whenever possible, RRCF partners with local community leaders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to seek innovative and effective solutions to community-wide issues.



Community foundations differ from commercial charitable funds because they operate at the center of the local philanthropic community. Our staff is closely connected to the community, and our board of directors is comprised of respected community leaders, such as city government officials, educational leaders, business owners, and philanthropists. Together, we strive to respond to priority and emerging community issues, and to ensure that funds are always secure and available when they’re needed most.


The Renton Regional Community Foundation works to:


  • Identify and understand community needs and priorities;
  • Engage community leaders in identifying innovative solutions to the benefit of all people;
  • Educate stakeholders on best practices; and
  • Impact positive change whenever possible.

Capacity Building Initiative

“The rising tide lifts all boats”


The Renton Regional Community Foundation believes that the strength of local nonprofits directly impacts the strength of our community. If they are strong - our community will be strong. Part of our mission includes assisting local nonprofits as they expand infrastructure and increase capacity.


Besides our Circle of Giving and Next Curve grants, the Renton Regional Community Foundation helps build capacity by providing critical education to local nonprofits. For example, we have offered several planned giving seminars to help nonprofits learn how to speak intelligently to potential donors about the complexities of planned gifts.


Want to learn more? Find more capacity-building opportunities on our website or by subscribing to our newsletter.


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