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WHAT TYPE OF Clients Benefit from Our Services?

Renton Regional Community Foundation IS A GREAT CLIENT RESOURCE


As a professional who works with individuals and families as they plan their future, you’re always looking for affordable and credible resources to help them achieve their goals. If your client(s) need help navigating the philanthropic landscape, we hope you’ll consider the Renton Regional Community Foundation as a resource.


Many types of clients could benefit from working with the Renton Regional Community Foundation, such as a client who is:


  • Interested in establishing their own private nonprofit foundation. — We can provide a less costly, more efficient and effective alternative.
  • Interested in establishing a charitable fund with a commercial company — We have connections within the community that commercial companies don’t. For example, we handle site reviews and work directly with nonprofits to ensure that all funds are spent in the way they were intended.
  • Without family or estranged from family — Not everyone has family they wish to benefit through their estate. In those cases, we can help the donor channel their estate to causes they believe in.
  • New to giving and unaware of the wonderful organizations working within the field — We are anchored in the philanthropic community, making it possible to help donors focus their efforts in specific areas and with the organizations with which they feel most comfortable.
  • Mourning a friend, colleague, or family member and wishes to honor them in a significant way. — We can establish permanent funds in honor or in memory of loved ones to ensure their legacy lives on.
  • Already an active donor in need of the efficiency that the community foundation model can provide. — Donors can establish a ‘general benefit’ fund, meaning they can continue to make donations to a broad array of organizations within the community.
  • Excited about getting — or staying — involved. — Our donor-advised funds allow donors to recommend where and when grants are made. Donors can also attend events and join committees to stay engaged.
  • Interested in making a positive impact over time, but doesn’t want to make decisions on their own. — Donors who establish a fund can be as specific or as general as they wish when designating the purpose of their funds and then leave it up to the Foundation to manage the grant program if they wish.


Please give us a call if you have questions, or if would like to set up a meeting. We’d be happy to meet with you and your client to discuss the people and program(s) your client wishes to serve. At the end of the day, it’s not about us. It’s about the people and programs your clients wish to serve. We always keep that first and foremost in our minds.


Our goal is their goal — period. Contact us today to make an appointment.



“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

Albert Schweitzer


We share a common goal — to honor and support your client’s charitable goals and objectives.


Therefore, the Renton Regional Community Foundation is here to serve as a resource. It may only be to provide information. It may be to complete a gift to one of our existing funds. Or it may be to establish a new fund.


Either way, we are a growing source of information, providing both expertise and philanthropic tools for Renton and the Puget Sound area.


Starting with just two funds and $257,000 in 1999, RRCF now manages $10 million — a collective representation of funds that benefit the community in a wide range of ways. RRCF has distributed more that $5 million back to the community, with recipients as far north to Bellingham, as far south Olympia, and as far east as Thorp, Washington.


RRCF’s goal is to continue to expand our donor base so more and more charitable dollars flow to areas of need — helping the homeless, the disabled, children and families, kids at risk, the arts, seniors and more.




The world of philanthropy is as complicated and diverse as every other industry. And, every donor brings different goals, objectives, assets, and priorities to the table when they consider making a gift. In some cases, the donor may even be unsure of what they want to accomplish with their donation.


How do you navigate the complexities of all of that? We can help.


RRCF provides:

  • Information on local nonprofits and their ability to deliver on their promises;
  • A variety of giving options to suit individual needs;
  • Honest advice on how to structure the fund to meet the donor’s long-term objectives;
  • The opportunity for your client to name their fund and tell us exactly how those funds are to be used;
  • The right for your client to remain involved and recommend how and when the money is spent;
  • Insight into existing or emerging needs in the community; and
  • Inclusion into a ‘family’ of like-minded people striving to do good in their community.


The Renton Regional Community Foundation can accept most kinds of estate gifts. Through our staff, volunteers, and strong partnership with US Bank Charitable Services Group, RRCF can:

  • Meet with members of your firm to acquaint them with what we offer;
  • Research specific charitable causes in which your client is interested;
  • Provide information on local organizations already working on behalf of specific needs;
  • Customize a plan to meet your client’s needs;
  • Meet with extended family members to educate and involve them in the process;
  • Provide expertise to complete complicated planned gifts;
  • Offer advice on promotion and recognition opportunities; and
  • Give you confidence that your client’s gift will be thoughtfully and carefully managed.




Our Investment/Finance Committee oversees the investment of all Foundation's assets. RRCF engaged U.S. Bank Charitable Services Group as our Investment Managers in 2013 after an exhaustive search for a company that could not only meet our investment goals but serve as a partner with us as we continue to grow. We chose US Bank Charitable Services Group partly because of its experience and exclusive focus managing assets for nonprofit organizations, and partly because they provide us with an entire team of professionals, including planned giving services.


RRCF follows a conservative investment policy meant to preserve and grow assets at a reasonable rate. We invest in a portfolio that is diversified across many asset classes with the goal of managing risk and growing the assets over time.  We know and take seriously the fiduciary duty we have to steward these funds responsibly.  Investment Policy.




Because of RRCF’s partnership with US Bank Charitable Services Group, administrative fees on our investments are kept to a minimum. Currently, funds are charged approximately 60 basis points on the asset balance annually. In addition, RRCF charges a small administrative fee (Fee Schedule), depending on the size and type of fund. Currently, these fees range between one and three percent.




Our executive director has over 30 years of professional experience leading charitable foundations, working with donors to help them clarify their goals and managing grants back to the community. She can explain the process in simple, easy-to-understand language, putting your clients at ease. Also, because of RRCF’s relationship with US Bank Charitable Services Group, we can provide a full-range of estate planning services — up to and including working directly with donors to complete complicated planned gifts.




Consider giving us a call. We’ll be happy to meet with you and/or your client to discuss how we can help. In the meantime, these helpful links may be useful when speaking with your client about charitable giving.


List of Funds

Administrative Fees

Sample Bequest Language

Donor Bill of Rights

Procedures for Donating Stock



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