Our goal is to constantly expand the donor base in order to bring more resources to the table to meet the growing needs in our area. We do that by hosting educational events, publicizing our grants and activities, and meeting with individuals in the community.


In 2010, RCF agreed to host a new group of young professionals who wished to become more involved in the mainstream of the Renton community. We helped them brainstorm ways to do that and helped to develop a new “giving circle” concept. The Next Curve was born.


The goal is to appeal to people who are charitably-minded, but perhaps don’t have a way to get involved. While The Next Curve primarily appeals to younger professionals, members of all ages are welcome. Members make an annual donation of $120 and are invited to attend monthly meetings. Meetings are used to network, learn about local nonprofits, and learn from established community leaders. Speakers have included Renton’s mayor, major business owners, community leaders, and local nonprofits. In addition to membership fees, the group holds an annual fundraiser.


At yearend, Next Curve members vote on how to disburse their money back to the community. Those grants are then awarded during the Foundation’s annual CELEBRATE! The Love of Community event.


The RCF Board decided this was an important initiative to support because it was a way to cultivate the “next generation” of community leaders. If you would like more information on The Next Curve, please visit their website at, or give us a call at (425) 282-5199.


For a list of Next Curve grants, see 2015 RCF Community Report.