Our goal at the Renton Community Foundation is to work on behalf of the entire community.  While we do not champion one cause over another, we recognize that certain “needs” become a priority within the community based on the economy, timing, and/or lack of resources. Therefore, these areas require our attention.  When we feel we can make a difference, RCF will partner with local community leaders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to seek innovative and effective solutions to community-wide issues.


Community foundations differ from commercial charitable funds because they operate at the center of the local philanthropic community. Community foundation boards are comprised of local community leaders and usually include CEOs, city government officials, education officials, business owners, and known philanthropists. Foundation staff is intimately connected to local nonprofits and the work they do in the community. And community foundations purposely work to stay on top of emerging and priority issues facing the community.


Therefore, RCF works to:


  • Better understand and identify community needs and priorities;
  • Engage community leaders in identifying innovative solutions;
  • Educate stakeholders on best practices
  • Take an active role when we feel we can impact change.